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Banishment and non-compliance with Regulation

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Banishment and non-compliance with Regulation

Post by Admin on Fri 21 Apr - 6:27

(1) Banned speech:
A member who has been flagged by another player for insult or others risks a ban (screenshot to support it).

First Warning = Banned 1 day of general and private chat
Second Warning = Banned 5 days of general and private chat
Third warning = Permanent ban on general and private chat

Additional information: Depending on the severity of the comments, the player reported may be subject to an immediate and permanent ban on speaking up to the deletion of the account.

(2) Automatic banning:
Our software detects robots, identical actions and repeat over a longer or shorter period can trigger a ban.

Additional information: If you have been banned by our software and this is a mistake we recommend you to play randomly so that you will not be banned in the future.

(3) Deletion of multiple accounts:
Multiple accounts are prohibited on MafiaAddict, we remove them without notice. If you have secondary accounts we invite you to notify us promptly via the contact page of the game so that you can keep your main account, otherwise we delete the multi-account randomly.

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