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The Empire 2

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The Empire 2

Post by Admin on Fri 21 Apr - 5:47

You can unblock the airport once you reach the 100 level, which will give you access to the Bar Mafia and the Alcohol Factory, the Steel Factory, the Oil Field, the Lab XTC and the Swiss Bank.

Bar Mafia + Alcohol Factory:
Your factory will produce alcohol that you can serve in your bar. All the mafias in the world can come to your bar and drink a lot of alcohol.

Steel Factory:
You can unlock this building with 30 search points, you get steel bars that can be used to build trucks and armored helicopters to equip your troops and bosses to gain even more power.

Oilfield :
Your oil deposit drills oil all the time, this is one of the most important resources in Empire 2. It is up to you to deliver it with your Transport Company.

XTC Lab:
Your XTC Lab is a great way to create extra stability for your transportation business. You will be able to sell and deliver products at any time.

Swiss Bank:
The Swiss bank allows you to put your cash free from attacks, as the bank levies 3% commission on each transaction but allows you to earn 1% interest each week.

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