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[Rules] To read before posting

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[Rules] To read before posting

Post by Admin on Fri 21 Apr - 5:06

1- Posts must be understandable.

2- No unnecessary messages.

3- SMS / Kikoo language prohibited.

4- Try not to double the posts.

5- No offensive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening, pornographic or other messages that violate applicable laws.

6- Messages containing prohibited personal information. (Age, name, MSN, etc.) (Except yours).

7- Do not abuse smileys.

8- Do not post scam messages.

9- Respect the other members.

10- Spam, flood, advertising and links are prohibited. Fidelity links are allowed only on the topic.

11- Double accounts on the forum or on the game MafiaAddict are forbidden, unless you have contacted the admin of the game and accepted it (exception for people in colocation or same family).

12- Heal your spelling, we will correct the errors in the messages if there are too many to facilitate the translation google.

13 - Double families are prohibited, families of the same name will be deleted or will have to be modified at the expense of the head of the family at the request of the administrator or the owner of the game (This rule takes effect on (12/07 / 2016).

14 - Families who wage war and who allow themselves to be beaten voluntarily in order to increase their power or obtain various advantages will also be abolished. (This rule takes effect on 12/07/2016).

In case of disagreement we reserve the right to:

Delete your post.

Lock it and go trash.

You ban a few days from the forum or the game.

You permanently banned from the forum or the game.

Important: We recommend that you register with the same nickname as in the MafiaAddict game in order to receive a reward. The 10 most active posters of the month will receive diamonds, cash and ammunition the 1st of the following month. We remind you that spam and flood are prohibited.

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